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Monash University Bus EV Charger Installation​

Bascon Solar & Electrical was selected upon many other contractors to deliver a 5-day major project located at the Bus Loop in Monash University. Prior to this, Bascon Solar & Electrical had previously undertaken a 7-day project in the bus loop to install systems to support for EV Chargers to the new electric buses. This 5-day project was heavily civil works as last year 2022 the heavy electrical systems were installed.​ ​ The design of this project was worked closely with the Monash University design team to ensure the Bus Interchange maintained a high appearance standard. To maintain the standard of design, all works on concrete was required to be sandblasted to achieve the correct finish as well as crosscuts to match the existing Bus Interchange.​ ​This project required heavy project management in which the director of the company as well as the on-site project manager worked closely together to ensure the back-to-back project ran as smooth as possible & all aspects of the project were delivered. Our in-house Traffic Management was on site for the whole 5-day project to safely ensure all vehicles entered/exited site as safely as possible as well as assisting in pedestrian control for the safety of everyone around.​

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Project Summary

Day 1 ​
Delivery of skip bins for the removal of concrete​
Concrete cutting is completed an easier removal of the concrete ​
Concrete is then excavated and placed into the skip bins on site​
Skip bins are then removed from site ​

Day 2​
NDD (Non-Destructive Digging) is completed to allow for the underground conduits to be installed​
Underground electrical conduits are then installed for the wiring of the EV charger ​
Crushed rock is backfilled in preparation for concreting the next day​
Satellite is leveled out to ensure proper delivery of the project​

Day 3​
Concrete is then poured and completed ready for decorative crosscuts​
Concrete is also poured to an existing conduit location​
Rectifiers & Satellites are also painted by our qualified painter to the clients specific requested colour​

Day 4​

Decorative crosscuts completed to match existing design of bus interchange​
Protective bollards are installed in front of EV satellites to ensure no damage is inflicted on the satellites​

Day 5​

Commissioning of satellites is completed​
Final site walkthrough ​
All final equipment removed off site ​
Final site clean up & opening the closed area to the public​