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Caribbean Park EV Fast Chargers

Bascon Solar & Electrical was given the opportunity to install 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in the Caribbean Business Park. This was a commercial installation with sophisticated preparation and planning. ​ For the design of this commercial project, our client wanted a simple & clean design to enhance the modern surroundings of the business park. ​ To ensure the EV chargers were going to operate at the its’ best, modifications to the existing switchboard were required. As well as upgraded switchboard modifications, civil works were needed to support the EV chargers.​ Our qualified electrical team worked together to install all electrical components to deliver the final product.​

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Project Delivery

Switchboard Modifications​
Supply & Install Breaker​
Switchboard Rectifications​
Supply & Install Of Power Meter​

Civil Works
Underground Asset Location​
NDD (Non-Destructive Digging) ​
Installation Of Underground Electrical Conduit​
Excavation And Backfill​
Installation Of Concrete Pads To Support EV Chargers​

Electrical Installation​
Supply And Install AC Cables Between DC Cabinet & Satellites​
Supply & Install Communication Cabling Between Power Unit & Satellites​
Supply & Install Control Cabling Between Power Unit & Satellites​

Charger Installation​
Installation Of DC Charger Power Unit & Satellites​
Supply & Install Protective Bollards​

EV Charging’ Bay Painting​