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Adina Apartment Hotel Solar Instllation

Bascon Solar & Electrical was contracted for a 5-day solar installation on the Adina Apartment & Hotel located in Southbank Melbourne. This was a commercial solar installation of a 35.035kW PV system.​ The recommended panel layout was designed by our in house accredited solar designer. For this commercial high-rise, our client wanted a premium solar system to uphold their higher end service for their commercial property. In this case we advised our client to install the premium Canadian Solar Panels paired with a 3 Phase GE Inverter.​ This Solar install consist of running cables from the switchboard to supply power to the solar panels/inverter as well as installing an inverter to allow for the conversion of power. ​

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Project Delivery​

Preparation Pre-Solar Install

  • Cable Tray is installed to allow for the power supply cables to run
  • Cable Tray Lid is then installed to protect the cables against any possible mechanical damage.
  • Cables are then run through the cable tray & fed back into the switchboard
  • The Solar Inverter is installed and wired ready for the connection of the Solar system

Installation Of Solar Panels

  • Before the Solar Panels are installed supporting system was engineered and then installed to provide support as well as sturdiness, especially during high winds on high-rise building
  • The Solar Panels are then installed to the supporting mounting system in place
  • The final wiring to the Solar Panels are completed by our qualified electricians / Clean Energy Council (CEC) accredited solar installers 
  • Once the Solar panels are installed and wired, the inverter is then connected to the Solar array to produce electricity.